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Democratic Party of Lee County Candidates

Lee County SOE | 239-LEE-VOTE (239-533-8683)

In Lee County, Florida, there is almost always an upcoming election.

From candidate petition drives through recounts, elections are run by the elected Lee County Supervisor of Elections, who is currently Tommy Doyle.

The Supervisor of Elections has lists of candidates, though they are not necessarily identified by party. To see who is running where:

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Find out about becoming a Democratic Candidate from the Lee County Democratic Party.

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In SW Florida, Republicans currently have an overwhelming majority in many campaigns and running as a Democrat may feel like an uphill battle. But, if we let them win, we lose.

Winning or losing is not pre-determined. In 2018, three Democrats WON election to the School Board.

Elections for the US Congress are also important.
Recently, in county-wide and Federal elections, a single-party system has delivered about 60% of the vote for it's candidates in Lee County.

This is not inevitable.

This is not good for Lee County.

A single-party system produces representatives like Trey Radel.
Remember Trey Radel? *

Democracy, like Freedom, is not free.
The cost of both Democracy and Freedom is constant vigilence.

To do something different (like Win in Lee!)
Us Democrats must do something different.

To end one-party rule in Lee County we must:
Donate our time.
Register to vote.
Request a mail-in ballot or check the status of our mail-in ballot request.
Talk with other Democrats, in person and on the phone.
Help Democrats cast their ballot: by mail, in early voting, or at the polls on election day.
Attend events involving:
1. DEC, Clubs and Caucuses,
2. our favorite elected office, and
3. our most passionate issue.
Run for office.
Increase our visibility and name-recognition
by asking Democrats to sign petitions so Democrats will qualify as candidates through the SOE.
Encourage our candidates to file their properly-completed petitions and other forms BEFORE any required submission date.
Encourage our candidates to be faithful to supporters. Communicate. Use Donor Dollars wisely and accountably. Adhere to public statements; and, explain inconsistencies and changes of course. Lead a public-life worthy of support.
We must not stop there.
As a former Democratic candidate for Congress says:
He used to be an independent, now he tells NPAs to get off the sidelines and register as a Democrat.
Democrats must talk with non-Democrats (find out why they have not yet registered Democratic).
Repeat. Even when tired.

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“Delaying Gratification to Build a Better Future”


* Remember Trey Radel?
The odds were in his favor.
The Republican Tea Party won the CD-19 seat for Trey Radel.
Trey Radel raced to Washington and didn't stop.
On January 3, 2013, Trey Radel was sworn-in as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

As one staffer told me, Trey Radel hit the ground running.
Apparently, Trey Radel couldn't run far enough or fast enough to escape the pressures of Washington. Congressman Trey Radel self-medicated.
On October 29, 2013, Republican Congressman Trey Radel went to Dupont Circle to purchase his drug-of-choice. The drug-pusher Trey Radel chose was an FBI agent. Congressman Trey Radel bought 3.5 grams of cocaine and was promptly arrested.
Congressman Trey Radel admitted to buying the illegal drug (which was a misdemeanor in DC and would-have-been a felony in Lee County). Congressman Trey Radel went to rehab and, eventually, Trey Radel resigned.

While Trey Radel played Hamlet, CD-19 was without representation on the House floor.

More about Radel:
* The Washington Post talked about hypocrisy.
* The Washington Times devoted a whole topic to Radel.
* The News-Press covered the expungement from his official record.
* Politico, “Trey Radel on cocaine bust: I should have resigned right away.”

In his own defense, Trey Radel put the dissing of his constituents behind him and, after leaving the inner sanctum in disgrace, has described himself as a journalist, former member of Congress, author, actor and communicator who is a "Communications Concierge" with expertise in “Media Training • Political Messaging • Crisis Management,” He starts his book with a crazy weird title, Democrazy: A True Story of Weird Politics, Money, Madness, and Finger Food and starts chapter one, "Welcome to the Terrordome," with attacks on the free press ("a mob of reporters wielding microphones as if they were knives and cameramen aiming shoulder-fired missiles (who) rushed toward us like a pack of wild dogs") and Republicans ("playing almost exclusevely to one demographic - angry old white dudes.")