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2020-10-13 Meeting
BidenHarris Environmental and Economic Plan (DECF)
Canvassing Opportunities
Voting Procedures
CARavan pics
Essay: "A Cost of Waiting - Tracing the President's Contacts to slow the Covid-19 Pandemic."

3 Saturday Caravans
2 leaflets from the Hedmans
[Carol (239) 948-5290 and Wally (239) 908-7574]
9/19/2020 "Riden with Biden" in Lehigh Acres and
9/19/2020 in Lehigh Acres; 9/26/2020 in Ft. Myers; 10/3/2020 in Bonita Springs

Jessica Cosden's slide deck Re: Blue Green Algae in 2020

Local retiring lawyer, Stu Pepper, works to hold FBI accountable for The Coverup

News&Views: Measuring Poverty: Where do we draw the line? (Downloadable PDF)

Ode to Volunteers and Veterans

Pledge of Allegiance (with some history)

News&Views: HUD seeks Public Comment on Proposed Rules about Disparate Impact in Housing (Downloadable PDF)

Yom Kippur: To Meet of Not to Meet (Downloadable PDF)

News&Views: The Fifth Circuit and Obamacare (Downloadable PDF)

Register Felons to Vote Before July 1, 2019 (Downloadable PDF)

Presidential Pardon Power (Downloadable PDF)

News&Views: April 17, 2019 (Downloadable PDF)

Become a Voting Patriot. Tell Trump: Small is not necessarily beautiful. Right-sized Government is Beautiful.

Florida Voters Share Power with Felons

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