About "Elections in Lee County"

Supervisor of Elections

239-LEE-VOTE (239-533-8683)

Elections in Lee County are run by the recently elected Lee County Supervisor of Elections, Tommy Doyle.

There are three ways to vote: Ballot-by-mail, early voting, and going to the polls on Election Day.


To send in a Ballot-by-Mail, often called "Voting-by-Mail," request a ballot from the Supervisor of Elections office.

Voting by mail gives the voter time to consider the marks on the ballot and make sure that the ballot is timely mailed or otherwise delivered to the SOE.

Early Voting

In Early Voting, voters go to centralized locations to vote.

Information about your voter registration is on the SOE website: http://www.leeelections.com/wp/voters/
This is also where you may request a mail-in ballot.

Dealing with the SOE

I have spoken with Democrats who are so angry at the way the previous Supervisor of Elections burdened voters with long lines and machines that did not work, on election day 2012, that they wanted nothing to do with the SOE.

Things were bad, no doubt about it. Things were so bad the State of Florida came to investigate. I hear they are better now.

Doesn't really matter, though. We have only one SOE.

To vote in Lee County you have to deal with the SOE's office.

It is unlikely you will deal with Sharon Harrington directly, though you might.

It is more likely you will deal with a very nice Lee County native who has been with the SOE's office for so long they have the answers to all of your questions.

Don't let your anger at Lee County politics keep you from voting!

The antidote for anger at Lee County Politics is to get out and VOTE!

And, get your friends out to VOTE!

And, please, gently remind them to VOTE for registered Democrats (even in supposedly "non-partisan" elections).

Election Day

On an Election Day, voting is within each Precinct.

There is a list of precincts and polling places on the SOE's website.

When you looked at the list of polling places the previous SOE chose, many were in churches.
This disregards the Constitutional protections of religions and the religious.
See my blog entry from last time: "Primary Day is Tuesday, August 26, 2014."

It is also really annoying to people who are driving on the public roads and have to see that the SOE has hand-picked some church and then advertises her choice by putting her "Polling Place" signs on the public streets. Why would she choose one church over another? What's wrong with all the churches she did not choose? We have the First Amendment so people on public roads will not be burdened by the religious choices of government.

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